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Dr. Kason Belnap

Neurologically-Based Chiropractor

Dr. Kason Belnap was born and raised in Evanston, Wyoming in a family of five siblings. He feels blessed to have been raised in a family of hard working individuals that taught him the importance of a strong work ethic.

Dr. Kason became interested in the health of others while studying exercise science at Utah Valley University. It was during this bachelor program that he gained an appreciation for natural health and healing, which is what attracted him to neurologically based chiropractic care. He then attended Parker University in Dallas, Texas for his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and earned an advanced proficiency rating in the Torque Release Technique. While in school, Dr. Kason spent much of his time serving many practices around the country, including one of the fastest growing, neurologically based, family centered practices in North Texas.

In his free time, you are likely to find Dr. Kason on his road bike, listening to music or watching his favorite TV show for the millionth time – The Office. Dr. Kason has a love of serving others and a passion for helping others experience their truly boundless health potential. He is motivated to help Clark County become one of the healthiest communities in the state of Nevada.

Kara Belnap

Office Manager

Kara Belnap was born in Arizona and raised in Utah. As the oldest of five siblings, she grew up learning to be independent, self-reliant and able to contribute to team efforts.

Kara has a love for helping kids that began when teaching swimming lessons, and has had the blessing of teaching kids in multiple states for over seven years. She also has a passion for helping and serving kids at church. When Kara has free time, she is either spending it with her kids, catching up on the latest Bachelor drama with friends, or trying restaurants she has never been to. She is also always ready for a trip to Disneyland.

Kara’s love of chiropractic care began while getting adjusted regularly through her second pregnancy which helped contribute to a smooth birthing process. After her amazing chiropractic results she decided that she could help others to experience the benefits as well. She is now the office manager of Boundless Chiropractic and loves to share her testimonial and help others have a great chiropractic experience.

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